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This is a collection (currently very small) of plays and skits which you are welcome to use in any activity which glorifies God and seeks to share His message with others. Please feel free to print, copy, perform, display, etc. If you use any of these in a published or printed format or if you post them on another website, you should list this page as the source and should let everyone know that they are freely available from this site. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome. Feel free to place a link to this site on your web page. Thank you.

Featured: Halloween

Clown Skits

Dramatic Bible Stories


Easter and Palm Sunday


Puppet Programs

Sign Language

Links to other drama sites

These are not ours. You must check the site to see how to use them within the copyright guidelines.
If you find these useful and would like to encourage us to develop and post more plays, please take a few minutes to email us at vickir@beau.org to let us know that you are using them.
Author's note: These plays may be printed, copied, performed and used to the Glory of God. If you use them in any published collection, (print, on-line, etc.) please include this URL http://www.beau.org/~vickir/drama along with the information that this and other plays are available at no charge.

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