The Real Truth About Christmas

Christmas program for children and teens
Stage setup:

One side of the stage area should have a Christmas tree. It is used in most scenes.

Other props can be carried on and off the stage as needed. You will find notes about this between the scenes.

The singers will need to come in and out a door or curtain to one side of the stage.

Cast can sit in a reserved area near front of church between scenes or they can be seated off stage. Cast members are listed at the


If you cannot find or do not want to use the same songs we did, just pray over the music you have and substitute what is on your heart to use. Here are the CD's and other music that we are using with the program.

  • Baby Praise Christmas, Heirborn Records Inc., P.O. Box 728, Newark, Texas 76071-0728. Two songs from this one are used in Scene 1: The 12 Days of Christmas and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. The second song includes comments by Gospel Duck which tie into the scene. If you can't get the CD, just substitute something upbeat and fun which goes with the message of the scene.
  • Ray Boltz, A Christmas Album, Scene 3 is written around the song 'The Perfect Tree'. I don't know of another song that would go as good in this skit but you may come up with one.
  • Like Christmas All Year Round by Dennis Jernigan, We are using 'Little Child In A Manger Lay' for the worship dance in scene 4. It would also be an awesome song for the singers or for congregational singing from an overhead.
  • Mary Did You Know - sheet music or accompanient tape should be pretty easy to find

    Costumes: We like to keep it simple. The most complicated costumes will be Gospel Duck and the 2 elves. Just read over the script and then work with what ever you have available.

    Scene I - The Department Store

    Cast - You can work all of the children into this skit. Only those with speaking parts are listed here. It's ok to divide the lines up differently. Children without speaking parts will be parents and children in the line.

  • Parent 1, Parent 2 and Parent 3
  • Child 1, Child 2, Child 3, Child 4, Child 5
  • Elf 1, Elf 2
  • Gospel duck - yellow suit with duck bill (bill could be the hat variety) & big bright yellow slippers for duck feet

    Scene - Department store. A chair for santa has beens set up near the tree. Be sure the chair is safe for the elf to stand on. Large sign, "Give Santa Your List, Noon-6pm" Gospel duck is to the side of the stage sitting with some large stuffed animals

    Children carry long 'want lists'. Parents carry shopping bags or packages

    Music up: On The First Day of Christmas - Baby Praise Christmas CD (this could be an upbeat version of any secular Christmas song)

    Cast enters, parents try shopping, children pull them into the Santa line. Fade music when children and parents are in the Santa line.

    Parent 1 - (looks at watch and speaks to elf) - That says Santa will be here at noon. He's half an hour late.
    Elf 2 - Uh, Maybe he needed to feed the reindeer
    Parent 2 - I wish he'd hurry up.
    Child 1 - Me too, I've got a long list for him.
    Child 2 - Well then, get behind me! My list is short. All I want is a Playstation Deluxe, a color
    TV with a DVD for my room and a pony.
    Parent3 - (reaches for list) A pony? You didn't ask me if you could put a pony on the list!
    Child 2 - (puts list behind back) This list is for Santa, not for you.
    Child 3 - O,o,o,o I'm tired of waiting. Where is he anyway.
    (while the children continue to argue, the elves go to Santa's chair. Elf 2 helps Elf 1 into the chair)
    Child 4 - I want Santa. I want Santa.
    Child 1 - I want Santa and I want gifts.
    Child 2 - This is turning into a cruddy Christmas
    Children together - We want Santa! We want gifts! We want Santa! We want gifts!
    Elf 1 - ( in chair) Attention! Attention!
    Elf 2 - (helper) That's right! Everybody get quiet.
    Elf 1 - Just look at you. Grumpy faces and long Christmas lists.
    Elf 2 - That's right, very l-o-n-g lists.
    Elf 1 - Is this what Christmas is all about
    Child 3 - Well, yes! Christmas is about gifts, Santa and candy.
    Child 4 - And more gifts.
    Child 5 - And taking the cruddy gifts back to Wal-Mart to get something better.
    Elf 1 - What about Jesus?
    Child 1 - Jesus?
    Parent 1 - You know - the baby in the hay. Jesus.
    Parent 2 - We put His star on the top of our tree.
    Child 2 - And we put lots of presents under the tree!
    Elf 1 - What if this was your birthday?
    Elf 2 - How would you feel if everyone bought gifts for each other and left you out on your birthday?
    Elf 1 - Maybe we all need to remember what Christmas is really about.
    Elf 2 - Let's make some room here for the real meaning of Christmas.

    Music up We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Baby Praise Christmas Those who played parents help clear props & set up for next scene while Gospel Duck helps children enjoy moving to the music. You may want Gospel duck to pass out ribbons or thin banners for the children to twirl. You may want Gospel Duck to lead children in a parade down the aisles, around the audience and back to their seats.

    Readers move to microphones
    R1 Looks like the people in that store need a lesson on the real meaning of Christmas
    R2 Maybe we all do
    R1 What do you mean? We go to church. We know what Christmas is all about.
    R2 Just going to church is not enough
    R1 What do you mean?
    R2 Churches sometimes get mixed up about what Christmas means. Just watch. (readers return to seats)

    Scene 2 - The Church

    Cast - Youth or older children:
  • Amy - On the wild side
  • Sue - Christian excited to tell others about Jesus
  • Deacon 1 & Deacon 2
  • Tape or off-stage reader for the Voice of God

    Scene - Stage hands carry in the church sign and the payphone. Sign says: "Christmas Worship Service 11 am" Deacons stand one to each side of the door to the church. Sign is nearby On the otherside of the stage is the door where Amy goes to her home Near her home is a payphone. Place payphone so Amy faces the audience when she talks on it.

    Props - Paperback bible in Good News or similar style. 3 traditional style rather large Bibles (one for each deacon and one for Amy. Change for the phone.

    Costume - Deacons are in suits and tie with lapel handkerchiefs. Sue is in casual dress suitable for winter. Amy - lots of makeup, big jewelry, platform shoes, shorts or short skirt, obviously chewing large gum. As the play goes on Amy adds to her costume - she'll need a longer wrap around skirt & a ladies white shirt & suit. Needs purse with paper & pen for the phone call.

    (Sue and Amy come on stage from opposite sides and begin walking toward each other. Sue is carrying the paperback bible)
    Sue: Hi Amy!.
    Amy: Sue? Is that you? You look different.
    Sue: Different, how?
    Amy: I don't know. Happy, I guess.
    Sue: I am happy, Amy. The most exciting thing has happened. I've given my life to Jesus. I'm a brand new person now.
    Amy: Ol' Sue has gone and got religion, huh?
    Sue: Not exactly. Religion is something people make up about God. I have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
    Amy Well, whatever. It does look good on you though!
    Sue: Amy, I have a Bible I'd like you to read. Can I give it to you?
    Amy: Yea, I guess so.
    Sue: (opens the Bible, pretends to write in it and then shows the writing to Amy) That's a good place to start reading, Amy.
    Amy: OK, thanks, I guess.
    Sue: Amy, please promise you'll read it. It's really important.
    Amy: If it's that important to you, OK, I promise I'll read it.
    Sue: Promise you'll start today.
    Amy: Yes, Sue, I'll start today. Good to see you again, Sue.
    Sue: Bye, Amy. Remember your promise, please.
    Amy (rolls her eyes): I won't forget.
    (Amy and Sue go offstage in different directions.)
    (Stage remains quiet for a few moments.)
    (Amy, Bible under her arm, runs on stage going directly to the telephone. She's so excited about her call that she drops change and fumbles with the phone. She dials and waits a few moments for an answer.)
    Amy: Sue! Guess what! I met Jesus! (pause) (Deacons obviously notice her walking toward the church. They move into position on each side of the door as if protecting it. As Amy gets closer, they move toward each other making sure there is no room for her to get through. )
    Amy: Excuse me, I'd like to go into the church. You see, I've just...
    Deacon 1: Sorry, you can't come in here looking like that.
    Amy: But sir, I'm a new Christian. My friend, Sue, told me it is very important for me to go to church and worship my Lord. Wow! listen to that! My Lord! I like the sound of that!
    Deacon 2: (speaking sternly) Well, you can't come in here looking like that..
    Amy: What's wrong?
    Deacon 1: What's wrong! You've got over half your body sticking out there, young lady. This is a respectable place for respectable people!
    (Deacons shake heads and show distaste for Amy and her kind.)
    (Amy hurries back toward home, goes in and returns tying a wrap around skirt around her. She returns to the church still carrying her paperback Bible.)
    Deacon 1: Back again?
    Amy: Yes, I'm ready to worship my Lord. Like the sign says. Worship service.
    Deacon 2: (speaking to Deacon 1) There's no way!
    Deacon 1: Right, you can't worship God looking like that!
    Amy: What else is wrong?
    Deacon 2: You've got on far too much lipstick.
    Amy: Can I borrow that handkerchief?
    (Deacon looks confused but pulls the handkerchief out of his lapel and hands it to her. Amy licks it and uses it to wipe off her lipstick)
    Amy: There I took care of that.
    Deacon 1: And that gum! The gum has got to go.
    (Amy pulls out her gum and wraps it up in handkerchief. She tries to rearrange the handkerchief and reaches for the deacons's pocket to replace it. The deacon makes a face and pushes her hands away.)
    Amy: Ok, Skirt is long, lipstick and gum are gone. I'm ready to worship.
    Deacon 2: Not here! God requires respectable looking clothes.
    Deacon 1: That's right. And there is no way that jewelry is going to come in this church.
    (Amy turns, disappointed and walks back across the stage and off stage for a quick change. Put on the shirt and coat. Take off the jewelry.)
    (Amy - now in 'church dress' - returns to the church. She is carrying her paperback Bible.)
    Amy: Hello again. I'm in uniform now. May I come in and worship?
    Deacon 1: Well, the clothes are better but you can't come to church without a Bible.
    Amy: No problem! (shows the paperback) I've brought my Bible - I don't go anywhere without it.
    Deacon 2: (disdainfully) That young lady, is not the REAL Bible.
    Amy: What do you mean? My friend Sue gave it to me. I read in it about Jesus and now He's my Friend and Savior.
    Deacon 1: That paperback stuff may be alright for street ministries but here in the church we use the ORIGINAL Bible. If you want to come here, you need to bring the King James Bible - the REAL thing!
    Deacon 2: We prefer that the words of Jesus be shown in red and that the Bible include a concordance, maps and a Bible dictionary.
    (Showing extreme disappointment, Amy goes back across the stage and offstage.)
    (Amy hurries back to the church carrying the biggest KJV Bible around. As she nears the church she begins to wave the Bible and smile at the Deacons.)
    Amy: I've got it! I've bought the biggest King James Bible in the store! I'm ready to worship!
    Deacon 1: Sorry, you just can't come in.
    Amy: I don't understand. I'm a new Christian and I need to come in to worship my God. I've done everything you said. I took off my makeup, got rid of my jewelry, got clothes like yours and even a Bible like yours.
    Deacon 2: You don't understand. We just don't want your type in here.
    Deacon 1: Nothing personal. It's just that you would never fit in. It's best we let you know that right now.
    Deacon 2: That's right. Sorry for the trouble you've gone to. I guess we should have told you before.
    (Very disappointed, Amy walks slowly to center stage and falls to her knees, looking up to God)
    Amy: Father, I don't understand. The Bible tells me to meet with other believers. I'm trying to do what You said. I've done everything they asked and they still won't let me in? What am I doing wrong?
    (Bright spotlight from above shines on Amy)
    Voice of God: Don't worry, My child. You have done nothing wrong. I've been trying to get in there since they built the place. They won't let Me in either.
    (Reader 1 walks to center stage and stops just to the side of where Amy is kneeling. Stand between Amy and the Deacons. Look at the deacons and then read from the Bible.)
    Reader 1: Jesus said, "How terrible it will be for you, teachers of the law and Pharisees! You pretenders! You shut the kingdom of heaven in people's faces. You yourselves do not enter. And you will not let those enter who are trying to."
    (Reader 2 walks over to join reader 1)
    Reader 2: See, I told you churches get it wrong sometimes too.
    Reader 1: What about her? They were so mean! What's going to happen to Amy?
    Reader 2: God will take care of Amy. It's those two over there who need help.
    Reader 1: But what about us? Are we remembering the real meaning of Christmas?
    Reader 2: We could all use a reminder. Please stand and sing with us.
    (Youth praise group steps into place to lead in . During singing, stage is reset for the scene 3)

    Scene 3 -Decorating the Tree


  • Child 1
  • Child 2
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Grandpa
  • Carolers (small group of singers)

    Setting: Family is decorating the Christmas tree. Ornament boxes are scattered around. Grandpa is 'supervising' from his chair

    Props: Christmas tree and ornaments

    Child 2 (hangs and ornament and steps back to look at it.)
    Child 1 (bossy) : That's crooked. Can't you hang it straight?
    Child 2 (whiney) : I can't do anything right. (throws down ornament) I just give up.
    Child 1: Well, great! How can we have a perfect tree when you won't even try?
    Child 2: I did try. You hurt my feelings. You are so perfect - you can just make your perfect tree all by youself.
    Mom: I've just about had it with your fighting. What is your problem? (speaking to father) Jim, I think you've put too many lights on that side.
    Dad: Maybe you'd rather do this all by yourself? I'm doing the best I can.
    Mom: Sorry. You know Christmas is important to me. I just want things to be perfect.
    Grandpa: Perfect, smerfect. There is no such thing as a perfect tree. Last year's tree was lopsided. That one is lopsided and scrawney.
    Mom: I picked this tree out myself. Do you have to be so mean?
    Grandpa : I just tell the truth. The tree is not perfect and neither are you!
    Mom (crying) : But I do want it to be a perfect tree.
    (knocking at door or ringing door bell)
    Dad opens door
    Carolers step in, sing The Perfect Tree Ray Boltz Christmas CD & then leave
    Dad : Who was that?
    Grandma : I don't know but I think it was a message from God just for us. Maybe we should all stop & think about the real meaning of Christmas.
    Mom: (opens the door and calls to the carolers) Wait! Come back! We want more.
    (Carolers return and invite congregation to stand and join them in singing. While singing is going on, clear stage of all except the Christmas tree & set up for scene 4)
    (Readers step to center stage when carolers leave)
    Reader 1: Wow! That family really needed that lesson!
    Reader 2: Jesus told us we should love each other. It must make Him very sad when we argue and fuss about Christmas.
    Reader 1: I think it makes him sad when we spend lots of money on even more things we don't need while other people are hungry or homeless.
    Reader 2: That's right. We need to remember that we are Jesus' hands and feet here on earth. It's our job to make sure no one is left out.
    Reader 1: I can't imagine being homeless at Christmas. I don't understand why God lets that happen.
    Reader 2: I don't think that's God's choice. I think it's a choice we make.
    Reader 1: I don't understand. We didn't take away anyone's home.
    Reader 2: Maybe not, but what have we done to help them?
    Reader 1: Thinking of homeless people reminds me of the first Christmas family long ago.
    Reader 2: That's right, Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus were without a home the night Jesus was born.
    Reader 1: I wonder what Joseph thought? I wonder how Mary felt?
    (fade lights away from readers and onto Deneen as she begins to sing)
    Mary Did You Know - Carolers or solo
    (lights return to reader area)
    Reader 1: I wish I'd been there the night Jesus was born. I would have found somewhere for Him to sleep. I would have helped Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus.
    Reader 2: Jesus said that we can help Him by helping other people.
    Reader 1: What do you mean?
    Reader 2: If we want to help Jesus, we should do something to help someone who is in need.
    Reader 1: How can I do that? I don't know any homeless people. Everyone I know has enough to eat. I'm just a kid. How can I help anyone?
    Reader 2: You could make a gift for Mrs Jackson. She seems very lonely.
    Reader 1: And I think I'll give some of my coke money to the shelter.
    Reader 2: Great idea! Those are Christmas presents Jesus really wants!
    (fade lights on readers)

    Scene 4 - 'Little Child In A Manger Lay'

    In the original production of this play, a children's worship arts class danced to this song but it could be a solo or a congregational song instead. If you choose to use it as a dance, you don't need fancy choreography ... work with the participants to lay out a series of movements which express the message of the song. Practice until they fit with the music. Relax and enjoy!
    After the song, you might want to ask people to stand, pray & then lead in songs for group singing.

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