Consider this a program suggestion. As you pray about your program, let the Holy Spirit guide you to the songs you should use.



(light up on center stage)

John: Peter, you were there. Do you remember how the house was filled with the fragrance of the ointment? You could smell Mary's perfume everywhere! Now, that was an act of worship!

Peter: Now I understand it was worship but then, I called it an outrage! An outrageous waste of resources! I figured no respectable woman would appear in public with her hair unbound! I couldn't believe He allowed it! Outrageous!

(Light down. Project image of Mary washing Jesus' feet. If necessary, use small light on Mary - keep Jesus only partially lighted)

Mary: (walks near to Jesus and sings Touching Him (also good here would be CeCe Winans' Alabaster Box)

(Mary joins the disciples. Light up on center stage)

John: (questions Mary) Outrageous?

Mary: Oh yes! Outrageous! Right from the start, I loved Him with a passion that was - that is - outrageous! But no more outrageous than what He did... stepping out of heaven... coming here... for us. He was - He is God! The eternal I Am and He loves me! Now that's outrageous!

Peter: A waste of resources?

Mary: Hardly! (illustrates scale with her hands) On one hand we have one ordinary woman with a bit of perfume. On the other we have God who loved us so much that he was willing to die for us. My gift was little -- so very, very little. (walks off stage)

Peter: John, do you remember how the children loved Him?

John: (smiles) And He loved the children - always had time for them.

Peter: I was thinking of the day that the children led the worship.

John: Yes, that was a day to remember!

(Lights down. Project picture of Jesus with children. Peter and John leave the stage taking stools with them.)

(Dancers move into position. Lights up.)

Hosanna Children's worship dance

(Children hug Jesus and sit around His feet)

(Peter and John speaking from off stage)

Peter: Do you remember how we laughed that day?

John: I thought people had finally realized who He was.

Peter: Hard to believe we were only days from the cross.

John: He tried to warn us. There was so much we didn't undersand.

(Lights down - stage is dark. Children and disciples move off stage. Jesus and two criminals take their place on the crosses.)

God chose to create us -- to give us free choice
We chose to sin -- to turn God's precious creation over to our enemy
God chose to redeem us -- to buy back what we sold into slavery
Jesus -- the best that Heaven had to offer
He chose to become our Savior
God chose a most beautiful and deadly Arrow
God aimed It -- aimed Him -- right at death
God hates death -- hates sin
He's furious at everything that separates His dear children from His Holy Presence
And so Heaven's Treasure chose to become Earth's Sacrifice

(Sound effects of thunder - light flashes to suggest lightening illuminate the crosses. Soft light up on the cross area.)

Left thief: Hey, miracle worker, how about getting us down?

Right thief: Hey, king, how do you like your new throne? It's not very comfortable, but it has a good view!

(Loud thunder, then quiet)

Jesus: Father forgive them for they don't know what they are doing.


Acted out as drama/dance - Action: Mime/Dance - Criminals step down from their crosses - act out the parts - go back to their places on the crosses

Thief: Jesus, Remember me when you come into Your kingdom.

Jesus: I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.

(Thunder and lightning)

Song: Champion - by Carman - dance/drama performed in cross area by children and youth. Get the CD and listen to the song. Assign parts of Jesus, Angels, Demons and Satan. Listen to the song together and work out actions to illustrate the words. Really dramatize the part where Jesus seems to be out for the count and make the resurrection a triumph! You can use a strobe light to give an 'other world' appearance.

(Lights down. Champion grou leaves the stage. Bright light bursts from tomb.)

Mary comes onstage in the area of the tomb. Bring soft light on Mary as she sings Redeemer

(All lights down. Soft light on Peter and John.)

Peter: Do you remember the other criminal? The man on the other side?

John: The angry one. Yes, I remember.

Peter: And Judas, of course you remember Judas.

John: Yes, Peter, I remember.

Peter: I keep thinking that what I did - turning away from Jesus that terrible night was not very different from what they did.

John: None of us understood what was happening, Peter.

Peter: Three times. I denied Him three times. And do you know what He did? He sent for me! He told Mary, "Go tell my disciples and Peter." After I failed Him, He made sure I knew I was welcomed back.

John: There were two criminals - one who chose life and one who did not.

Peter: And two who betrayed Jesus - Judas and me.

John: Judas' sin drove him from Jesus.

Peter: And my sin drove me to Jesus.

When God Ran If you have dancers or a sign language worship team, use them at the beginning of the song. End with Peter starting toward Jesus - then Jesus running to embrace Peter.

John: (looking at the audience) It was always about choices.
God chose to love us.
Jesus chose to redeem us.
Mary and the children chose to worship Him.
Peter and Judas chose to betray Him.
Judas chose to take his remorse to religion.
Judas chose death
Peter chose to take his remorse to Jesus
Peter chose life
What about you? We all have sin, you know. Your sin will either drive you away from God or it will drive you toward Him. Jesus made the way but the choice to follow belongs to you. Will you chose life?

Consider having Jesus walk back on stage and sing Third Day's Don't You Know I'll Always Love You

(Lights down, stage empty, worship team leads using overhead - invite people to stand in worship)

Close with a worship session. Here are some songs to consider:
Nails In Your Hands
Redeemer, Savior, Friend
Amazing Love (how can it be)