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Known Bugs

Known Bugs/Issues in 3.0

04/03/30 - RedHat references still abound in up2date
Tom Valdes reminded me that I should list up2date so that folks know they don't need to send in RedHat sightings for it. :)

04/02/10 - Trademark issue in Anaconda
david d zuhn reports that an install via serial port still has a RH reference... along with a harmless easter egg.

DONE! 04/02/04 - rpmdb-whitebox broken
Some paths in /etc/rpm/macros.solve point to a redhat dir instead of a a whitebox path... which is where the actual files now are. Not good. Spotted by William Hooper, who also posted a fix so a new package will come as soon as I get the update1 stuff out.

DONE! 03/12/23 - /dosutils missing most files
Seems they went missing for RC2 and it was only spotted now by Milan Kerslager. If you need fips, rawrite and friends grab any of your old Red Hat CD's or RC1. Or download a copy of the missing files here. They will of course return when an updated set of .iso files become available, probably in the update2 timeframe.

DONE! 03/12/18 - 3.0 fixed posted
DONE! 03/12/18 - Brown Paper Bag

The i686 packages for glibc and nptl-devel were accidentally left out. Replacement images are going up. If you have already downloaded you can just download the two missing packages and force install them. Yum and or up2date should grab the updated comps and rpmdb-whitebox packages.

Thanks to Tres Seaver for spotting this on Day One while trashing the original release and dropping a replacement was a viable option.

03/12/02 - gettext is missing /usr/share/gettext/libintl.jar

This file was present in RC1, built on taroon-beta but didn't build on WBEL-RC1. The final release contains the good package from RC1 but a longterm solution is needed in the event of an errata release.

04/03/08 Update: Lance Davis from the centos rebuild effort writes to say a properly installed Sun JDK will get a clean build.

DONE! 03/11/14 - tora has linking problems.
/usr/lib/tora/toworksheet.tso should be linked to /lib/libgcc_s.so.1, /lib/tls/libm.so.6 and /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.5. Contributed by Michael Redinger. Now believed to work with the Free databases, but without a plugin for Oracle. Will try adding the free Oracle dev kit and rebuilding.
Update 03/12/16: 3CD's is a bit much right now. Maybe later.

DONE! 03/12/17 - Version 3.0 Posted
Please remember to change the default up2date source in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources to avoid DDOSing this site!

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