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Known Bugs

Known Bugs/Issues in 3.0-RC2

DONE! 03/12/11 - redhat-config-packages doesn't work with CDs
Submitted by Daniel Robitaille. Best guess is I have the wrong hdlist file in the comps package, need the version after splitting the tree. Will test.

DONE! 03/12/10 - Another Red Hat reference in firstboot.
When clicking on test sound and not having a working sound card it returns: "The soundcard may not be compatiable with RedHat Linux." - Submitted by Ethan Bonick. Update: was actually in redhat-config-soundcard.

DONE! 03/12/08 - Up2date mostly works, has issues.
Integrated patch contributed by Kevin Ediger. Needs testing.

DONE! 03/12/08 - Updated kernels show as "Red Hat Linux" on grub loader.
Another reference to /etc/redhat-release in mkinitrd. Patched after William Hooper showed me where to look.

DONE! 03/12/03 - Release notes in anaconda and CD are from RC1
Forgot to copy them to the build directory after updating the whitebox-release package. Will be fixed in next release.

03/12/02 - gettext is missing /usr/share/gettext/libintl.jar
This file was present in RC1, built on taroon-beta but didn't build on WBEL-RC1. RC2 contains the good package from RC1 but a longterm solution is needed in the event of an errata release.

DONE! 03/12/01 - su executable is in both /bin and /usr/bin
Spotted by David Cox. Suggestions as to cause/cure welcome.
Update: Solved by Paul Iadonisi. Don't build as root.

03/11/14 - tora has linking problems.
/usr/lib/tora/toworksheet.tso should be linked to /lib/libgcc_s.so.1, /lib/tls/libm.so.6 and /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.5. Contributed by Michael Redinger. Now believed to work, only without a plugin for Oracle. Will try adding the free Oracle dev kit and rebuilding.
Update: 3CD's is a bit much right now. Maybe later.

DONE! 03/12/02 - Release Candidate 2 Posted
Please remember to change the default up2date source in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources to avoid DDOSing this site!

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