White Box Enterprise Linux


Known Bugs

Known Bugs/Issues in 3.0-RC1

03/12/01 - su executable in both /bin and /usr/bin
Spotted by David Cox. Suggestions as to cause/cure welcome.
DONE! 03/12/01 - Another trademark fix
Jimmy Cho noticed the thumbnail image of the Bluecurve GDM theme has the forbidden logo and included a clean version.
DONE! 03/11/25 - Sysstat fills root's mailbox with errors
Looks like lib64 is always being used. Should be fixable.
Submitted by David Cox
DONE! 03/11/24 - Apache's error pages have RH logos
Submitted by Sebastian Welsh (and included fix!)
DONE! 03/11/24 - RHEL is referenced in redhat-config-packages
The comps.xml file on the CDs is correct, but the one inside comps-whitebox is still the original. Find out why and fix. Submitted by Johnny Hughes.
DONE! 03/11/24 - Init on the bootdisk says RedHat
Submitted by Pete Cervasio
DONE! 03/11/21 - Another RH reference
The package description for indexhtml needs an edit. Contributed by Jarod C. Wilson.
DONE! 03/11/19 - And another picture of verboten headgear!
Ok, I'm an idiot. Donavan Nelson noticed that I forgot to replace the start icon for KDE. Guess I somehow thought if it was the same pic replacing one would get em both. Of course I'm fortunate because had a KDE user logged on and seen a GNOME's footprint down there I'd be toast. Basically, copy /usr/share/icons/kdeclassic/*/apps/kmenu.png to /usr/share/icons/Bluecurve/*/apps/kmenu.png and you will be current.

DONE! 03/11/15 - RPM won't rebuild on WB
RPM determines several path constants based on the presence of /etc/redhat-release which isn't present. But the %files section is hard coded for /usr/src/redhat... boom! Patched for next release, ask if you need it earlier.

DONE! 03/11/15 - flex is broken
Attempt to rebuild WB on itself revealed that flex is broken, such that automake will fail a build time test. Rebuild and reinstall and it appears to be fixed.

DONE! 03/11/15 - Found a RH image
As GNOME starts up, the second status icon has a trademark red fedora in the corner. The big question is: Where the heck are those little icons stored? If you know, drop me a note. Update: Found it, will airbrush out the headgear for next release.

03/11/14 - tora has linking problems.
/usr/lib/tora/toworksheet.tso should be linked to /lib/libgcc_s.so.1, /lib/tls/libm.so.6 and /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.5. Contributed by Michael Redinger.

DONE! 03/11/12 - Remove RedHat branding from Xscreensaver
Xscreensaver has many defaults set to Redhat artwork and installs a 'fortune' executable in /usr/X11/lib/xscreensaver that refers to /etc/redhat-release. All because they probably decided fortune wasn't appropriate for Enterprise environments...... Bah!

DONE! 03/11/12 - RedHat's Kernel blows
Try inserting the Errata kernel and see if it at least solves the compatibility issues here at BPL. Namely installing on Via EPIA's and working NIC on the Gateway E-4200's. Otherwise port in Fedora or RH9's kernel and offer up alternate Disc 1 images.

03/11/12 - Need better Release Notes
The Release Notes on the ISO images are lame. Replace before Final

DONE! 03/11/12 - Release Candidate 1 Posted