Some words on music, tapes and copyright

Using cassette tapes or cd recordings. If you do not have a pianist or other musician to play, consider using taped music. The easiest way to do this is to make a single tape with all the songs on it in the order they will be used in. We do not want to violate the letter or the spirit of copyright law so this will require some planning. You can contact the owners of the copyright for each selection and ask their permission to make a temporary tape - you will probably be permitted to do so. If there is not time to do that, it would probably be permissable to make a tape if you carefully put away the master tapes that you recorded the songs from until you distroy the temporary tape. What this does is insure that you are not playing the copy and the master at the same time. This keeps you within the spirit of the copyright law and since you are not making a profit from your program, it should not be a problem.

If you use taped music, be sure to give credit to the artists on your printed program. It is a real nice touch to tell what tape was used so audience members can purchase the songs they like.

If you are not making a temporary tape, you will need to practice moving quickly to the right tape. Someone will need to check right before each performance to be sure the tapes are all wound to the right spot and are in the right order.

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