My Art

Here are some links to some of the drawings and paintings I have done. I have also been trying to use a Graphire 4, I am slowly getting the hang of not watching the page as I draw. It is not as easy as it seems. I hope you enjoy them. If you would like to use them for any reason please write me.

Chimp                     Cat                      Kid                          Kid2                     Father's Hand
Frog 1                     Frog 2                Snake                   Spider Monkey                Storm
Tucan                      Tulips                  A Water Fall          A River                Wings as Eagles
Ape                         Frog                     Cow                      Dragon                      Beauty
Easter                      Iguana                  Hummingbird              Bird                      Fountain
Birds                      Penquin                  Owl                    Lily of the Valley            Flower
Tiger                      Tree Frog             Unicorn                  Rose                            Pigs
A Coffee Cup           A Farm             Cockatiel 2           Maccaw #3                    Eye Drawings
Flowers                   Birdhouse             Peace Pipe               Shield                        Lips
A Lonely Boat         Pansies                  Singer                   Dancer #2                    Honeysuckle
Cockatiel                 Maccaw               Pugsly                     Maccaw #2                Hummingbirds
Cheerleader             Soccer Player          Cockatoo            Bronx                          Person
African Gray            Lovebird                 Parakeet               Teddy                          Person
Dancer                  Apple Basket           Ollie Owl              Rockie Raccoon          Nailed to a Tree
Purrfect Kitty         Callie Calico            A Daisy                 Woody Woodpecker
Eyes                    Heart                    Heartache                    HotAir Balloon
Ball                        Bayou                        Boy                        Dragon 2
Apple              Another Apple              & Another Apple              Psalms 46:10
Isaiah 40:8            Roses                       Salt                         Stream
Traffic Cone                Willow                Lift Up                The Gift
A Friendly Daisy      Basket of Apples      The Bridge          Psalms 19:1         Planter
Rose Ring              Hummingbird and Morning Glory              Rose Stone              Friend's Frog

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