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Known Bugs

Known Bugs/Issues in 3.0 Respin2

05/03/16 - Four packages are unsigned.
Both the source and binary for redhat-artwork isn't signed and the srpms for comps and rpmdb aren't signed. They have been fixed in the updates directory.

04/06/16 - Anaconda doesn't recognize previous WB install
Anaconda won't offer to upgrade a previous WBEL install without the upgradeany boot option.
Update 05/03/13 - Actually it appears more like this is an upstream 'feature' because they discourage upgrades in favor of clean reinstalls. Would still love to discover how to enable the option though so counting it as a bug.

04/03/30 - RedHat references still abound in up2date
Tom Valdes reminded me that I should list up2date so that folks know they don't need to send in RedHat sightings for it. :)

04/02/10 - Trademark issue in Anaconda
david d zuhn reports that an install via serial port still has a RH reference... along with a harmless easter egg.

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